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Marketing Tip – Efficiently Using Google Analytics Reports

In our last few posts we covered a couple of the reasons you should have analytics installed on your website and the importance of setting up goals to measure your marketing success. Now that you are collecting this data in your analytics account, let’s look at further streamlining your digital marketing and efficiently using Google Analytics reports. I think we can all agree to being busy…. Read more »

Online Marketing Tools – Google Analytics for Small Business

The start of a new year is a great time to take stock of your company’s successes and areas for improvement from 2013. One of the big challenges can be in determining what those areas are. A free tool that is widely used and can help with this is Google Analytics. This tool enables you to evaluate your website traffic, where they arrived from and… Read more »

10 Online Marketing Tips for 2014

A New Year brings new resolutions and The Web Advisors are pleased to provide some key online marketing tips for 2014 for companies who have optimizing their online presence on their lists. 1. Have a Plan. Setting realistic goals and objectives is step 1 for “if you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there”. (Lewis Carrol) When reviewing your strategy… Read more »

Merry Christmas From The Web Advisors

The Web Advisors are a small group of hard working marketers who like to have  fun while we do our jobs. In the spirit of the holiday season, we found ourselves a little sidetracked on a winter adventure this week and thought we would bring you a smile… Having picked the snow out of our ears, we are back busily preparing for another exciting year of… Read more »

Managing Your Online Brand Reputation

6 Tips For Managing Online Brand Reputation We recently presented a workshop to a group of golf course, hotel & travel industry operators on the importance of managing online brand reputation and really, the concept of reputation management extends across any business segment. Engaging your existing or potential clients through social media is important, however with statistics out there that 3 out of 4 active… Read more »

Growing Your Game… Golf Market Development Case Study

There are two fundamental ways to increase revenue to your business: 1.  Grow your marketshare, or your percentage of the pie. 2.  Grow the pie. A company’s business plan should incorporate strategies towards both objectives for long term sustainability. We are very privileged to work for numerous clients in the golf industry in Canada. Golf is an $11.5 Billion dollar industry according to the National… Read more »

Marketing Ideas – Think Out Of The Box

Google and Kitkat? Who’d have thought? Talk about new marketing ideas! When Google decided to name its new OS platform after the Nestle’s four fingered treat, KitKat, more than one marketing mouth dropped. This takes ‘thinking out of the box’ to new marketing levels! London-based JWT, Kitkat’s marketing agency, came up with this clever product launch spoofing the tech industry with their “Future of Confectionary”. What stands… Read more »

SEO Tips – Recent BIG Changes in SEO

Search engine optimization, SEO,  has gone through another major shift recently. The fact that Google has changed its search algorithm again is not surprising, but the shift in the way it organizes and represents data is. Here are a few SEO tips for small business owners to best take advantage of these changes. Knowledge Engine vs Search Engine Let’s look at the conceptual changes first…. Read more »

Google Account Security: I Think My Google Account Was Hacked

If you are like many of us, then your Google account is connected to a lot of the things you do every day. YouTube, Gmail, Google Drive, Adwords, etc. The list is extensive. The sophisticated level of connectivity has provided us with time saving features and sharing possibilities that make our day to day online activities seamless and efficient. But it does mean your Google… Read more »

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