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Who Are the Web Advisors?

We are a small group of professional marketers who eat, sleep, live and breathe marketing. We are enormously passionate about what we do and are 100% committed to meeting our clients’ specific business goals.

Recognizing that every client is unique, we will work with you to implement the most appropriate marketing strategy for your business. This may be by leading a website overhaul, managing paid or natural search marketing campaigns, jazzing up your social media platforms, implementing conversion strategies or training in house staff members.

We excel in search engine marketing, social media marketing, strategic planning and quality data analysis for small business and multi-stakeholder consortiums. We also partner with some of the top designers and developers in the industry to provide a complete service package.

We believe in collaboration. It is our strength. Our team works very closely together – and with you – to ensure every project’s success. Our goal? To help make your business the best it can be.

Trisha Larsen

Trisha Larsen

Principal, Account Director, Marketing Maestro

Collaborative.  Authentic.  Driven.  Trisha has been driving growth as a strategic marketing director since 1994 for independent businesses, multiple stakeholder cooperative marketing programs and destination marketing organizations.  Always passionate and committed to results-based business strategies, Trisha’s marketing plans deliver positive return on investment for our clients and consistently exceed  expectation.

Trisha’s comprehensive sales and marketing background enables her to define and develop marketing strategies that tap into new and exciting opportunities for businesses to build their brands, attract new audiences and enhance customer engagement.

“Trisha’s initiative and drive to succeed are beyond what I have seen in the workplace during my career.” Jason Lowe, Past President, Golf Vancouver Island.

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Chris Elder

Chris Elder - The Web Advisors

Account Director, Conversion Fiend

Chris brings a vast array of experiences in strategic marketing, direct sales, and operational experiences to draw from. With a breadth of knowledge from senior level marketing and sales for destination resorts thru wilderness guiding, municipal recreation programming, and board level involvement with multi-stakeholder destination marketing organizations, Chris is able to assimilate a wide variety of goals into strategies that deliver results.

Passionate about developing brands, full of energy and a believer/practitioner of inbound marketing tactics, Chris has many successful integrations of social platform campaigns creating sales through e-commerce funnels and in attaining desired growth metrics. Certified in Google AdWords management and the primary conduit with Google Partner Account Support Team, Chris loves the creativity in developing campaigns that deliver for our partners, and is always excited to explore new ideas with our clients.

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Belinda Rose-Innes


Content Marketing Specialist, Creative Scribe

Belinda has spent the last 20 years nurturing her passion for the written word, creating content designed to intrigue, inform, inspire, involve and empower. She can write about anything, for anyone, on any platform and has worked as a communications coordinator; CRM copywriting specialist; editor; proofreader and features writer. Whether she is writing blogs, newsletters, email campaigns, annual reports, tweets, posts or website content; about travel and tourism, golf, lifestyle, real estate, wine, whisky, or environmental issues, she does so with passion.

Belinda is obsessed with content creation and storytelling, and is very excited by that multi-purpose playground called the Internet, which allows those stories to reach the furthest nooks and crannies of the earth.

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Matt Flindell

Social Community Manager, Digital Whiz

Matt has a passion for everything digital marketing, with experience in an array of industries from business consulting and vehicle rentals to provincial politics and sport teams. His expertise is in social media marketing, but he is also adept at email marketing, building websites, graphic design, and traditional print marketing.

Matt’s goal is to build social communities through creating engaging posts with stunning visuals and catchy copy for all platforms. He loves to follow live results, diving deep into the numbers and analysing the results to improve and reach the desired audience. Matt won’t stop until his work is perfect for our clients. Whether social community building for business, competing in professional lacrosse, or enjoying beer league hockey, Matt loves to succeed.

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Stacey Kruger

Stacey Kruger, Marketing & Communications Coordinator

Marketing & Communications Coordinator, Organizational Jedi

Stacey’s background as a Communications Specialist and multi-faceted content creator has allowed her to be a force in creating relationships between clients and their customers. She is experienced in using social media channels, campaign development, film initiatives and blogging to tell any story.

Stacey is passionate about being part of a team working towards a common goal, and bringing client visions to life. She is also an organizational Jedi, who can multi-task like a boss, which helps the team, our clients, and our shared vision and strategies stay on track!

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Nick Murray

The Web Advisors - Nick Murray

Web Design and Development, Photographer

“Any fool can write code that a computer can understand. Good programmers write code that humans can understand.” Martin Fowler. Nick is an experienced front end developer, designer and photographer, effectively marrying the technical with the creative for our Web Advisors team. Not many in Nick’s field of expertise can communicate the technical at a palatable level, yet Nick does so with ease, all the while creating standards compliant, cross-browser functional HTML/CSS code.

He also works with jQuery to enhance website functionality and create visual effects that work across all devices, including mobile devices, and WordPress is his CMS platform of choice, however works with various others as well. Nick is passionate about what he does, about what we do, about his family, life and fishing; and it shows in his work and his client relationships.

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Tom Spetter

Tom Spetter Graphic Designer

Graphic Designer, Online & Logo Design Legend

Tom has a love for anything design-related. With more than 26 years of experience, Tom’s design and web coding skills are unparalleled. As the exclusive designer for Victoria’s annual Goodlife Fitness Victoria Marathon, his logos are proudly worn by tens of thousands of runners not only across the country, but also worldwide. He has designed websites, magazines, books, advertisements and iPhone apps for popular name brands both in Canada and abroad.

Tom is also an award-winning illustrator, a highly accomplished designer, and an expert in content management system integration. He is a celebrated graduate of Malaspina University/College and holds a diploma in Graphic Design minoring in Computer Sciences.

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Stephanie Tambellini


Creative Director, Graphic Design Genius

As the principal of Tambellini Design Studio Inc., Stephanie brings over 20 years creative experience to The Web Advisors team including: graphic design, brand creation, website design, market research, program management and production. Steph’s success is rooted in her ability to really listen to and understand our clients’ marketing needs, then translate those needs into beautiful, effective design.

Steph is always excited to take on new projects, and enjoys building long term business relationships that allow her to be a part of an organization’s growth over the years. She uses her experience in market research and training to enhance her designs and positively thrives on finding solutions to difficult challenges and exceeding expectations in the process. She gets particularly excited when asked to create a new brand, but is equally thrilled to communicate a client’s existing brand.

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