Information is Power - Stakeholder and Customer Surveys

A well-crafted survey does more than just tell you what your customers or stakeholders are thinking, it helps you chart a more efficient path to success.

Whether you are developing a survey to gather stakeholder insights for MRDT reporting or trying to gain insights into your customers’ preferences, The Web Advisors can help you avoid making the mistakes that can result in wasted time, effort, or worse, bad data!

Surveys for MRDT

The Web Advisors have extensive experience in marketing with British Columbia’s Destination Marketing Organizations (DMOs). As such we have in-depth knowledge of Municipal & Regional District Tax (MRDT) Program which is often utilized in funding models for marketing efforts.

In order to be in compliance with the MRDT program requirements, participating organizations are required to prove that funds are being used effectively and that stakeholders approve of the way in which funds are being allocated.

How The Web Advisors Can Help?

  • We use our extensive MRDT custom survey creation experience to facilitate quick and easy approval
  • We use our proprietary best-practices to develop questions that uncover actionable insights
  • We can assist with the compilation of distribution lists, ensuring that anti-spam requirements are adhered to
  • We leverage our experience to analyze and present the data, insights and an executive summary in slide format for Board of Directors and government presentation.

Surveys for Customer Insight

You know what your customers want, right? But do you know what they REALLY want? That is where surveys come in.
A poorly crafted survey can do more harm than good, but a well-crafted survey can provide valuable insight for strategy development, increase customer satisfaction/loyalty, and even help win back business that would have otherwise been lost to a poor experience.

How The Web Advisors Can Help:

  • We help you find the right tools/channels to deploy your surveys
  • We craft questions that cut through the noise and return actionable information
  • We can analyze the data and provide insights for integration into strategy and campaigns

All that’s left to ask is:
Do you want to know what your target markets and/or stakeholders are thinking?

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