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Who Are the Web Advisors?

We are a small group of professional marketers who eat, sleep, live and breathe marketing. We are enormously passionate about what we do and are 100% committed to meeting our clients’ specific business goals.

Recognizing that every client is unique, we will work with you to implement the most appropriate marketing strategy for your business. This may be by leading a website overhaul, managing paid or natural search marketing campaigns, jazzing up your social media platforms, implementing conversion strategies or training in house staff members.

We excel in search engine marketing, social media marketing, strategic planning and quality data analysis for small business and multi-stakeholder consortiums. We also partner with some of the top designers and developers in the industry to provide a complete service package.

We believe in collaboration. It is our strength. Our team works very closely together – and with you – to ensure every project’s success. Our goal? To help make your business the best it can be.

About Our Founder

Trisha LarsenThe Web Advisors would not exist today without the incredible hard work, vision, and tenacity of its founder, Trisha Larsen.

Trisha started her tourism marketing career in the golf industry almost three decades ago working in Kelowna at the Harvest Golf Club, then on to lead the sales & marketing at Predator Ridge Golf Resort in its early days. A move to Vancouver Island in 2004 connected her as a marketing consultant with a fledgling golf tourism marketing organization called Golf Vancouver Island. 

From those early beginnings, and a family move back to the Okanagan, Trisha grew her agency, The Web Advisors, into a tourism marketing powerhouse that collaborates with clients throughout British Columbia across regions, sectors, communities and businesses. 

Trisha was a tourism marketing leader in British Columbia, and her impact on golf and destination marketing has been instrumental in the growth of many organizations around the province. Trisha’s strive for success was tragically cut short in the fall of 2022 when her heroic battle with pancreatic cancer ended.

It is impossible to convey in words the enthusiasm to do great work that Trisha brought to every effort. Her energy, insight and drive will be sorely missed by her team and has been felt across an industry she was so passionate about. She was truly a special person that cared deeply about all those she worked with. In her honour, the team at The Web Advisors’ strive to continue providing our clients with the same level of skill, determination, and zeal as she did.

Chris Elder

Chris Elder

Managing Director, Account Director, Conversion Fiend

Chris brings a vast array of experiences in strategic marketing, direct sales, and operational experiences to draw from. With a breadth of knowledge from senior level marketing and sales for destination resorts thru wilderness guiding, municipal recreation programming, and board level involvement with multi-stakeholder destination marketing organizations, Chris is able to assimilate a wide variety of goals into strategies that deliver results.

Passionate about developing brands, full of energy and a believer/practitioner of inbound marketing tactics, Chris has many successful integrations of social platform campaigns creating sales through e-commerce funnels and in attaining desired growth metrics. Certified in Google AdWords management and the primary conduit with Google Partner Account Support Team, Chris loves the creativity in developing campaigns that deliver for our partners, and is always excited to explore new ideas with our clients.

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Josh Miller

Josh Miller - The Web Advisors

Account Director, Connection Crafter

As a former small-business owner, Josh understands the importance of relationship development. Putting people first has helped him excel, across multiple industries, as a content creator, sales manager, marketing consultant and strategic plan developer. A true Jack of all Trades, Josh leverages his broad experience to bring unique consumer behaviour and data analysis insights to any project. He is driven to help clients exceed their goals by uncovering the perfect word, image or channel to create meaningful connections with their customers – keywords, content strategy and analytics are his forte.

Whether it is in a boardroom or playing board games, Josh is continually refining strategy and execution. Often, a perspective shift proves to be the difference-maker, so to find balance he takes time out to teach his young daughter to golf and explores the forests and trails of Vancouver Island with his dog, Angus.

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Jonathan Parra

digital marketing manager

Marketing Account Manager, Goal Getter

Jonathan is a professional advertiser with extensive experience in digital marketing for companies of all sizes. He endeavours to give each client solutions and strategies depending on their needs – continually looking for challenging goals. He is an enthusiastic learner, a terrific team player, and a passionate professional.

After work, you’ll find him around a soccer game – whether on TV or live, playing or watching – biking around the beautiful city of Victoria, playing video games, or just enjoying a peaceful environment.

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Angela Heidt

Angela Heidt

Content Marketing Manager, Verbal Virtuoso

In her decade of professional writing, Angela has done it all. She has crafted regular pieces for healthy living, real estate, tourism, and tech spaces – to name a few. Ghostwriting books, copywriting whitepapers, developing e-newsletters and social community management are also in her wheelhouse.  Angela’s experienced hand has helped guide companies large and small through the complexities of writing for an audience.

From crafting pithy paragraphs for a company’s blog to drilling down into the nuts and bolts of a multi-page website, to Angela it’s all an opportunity to find new ways to communicate information in a way that sparks interest and creates a following.  Angela’s thrilled to work on new projects and see them delivered to happy clients, as well as find the perfect turn of phrase to make viewers excited about what they are reading.

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Chris Murphy

Lead Web Developer, Unapologetic Nerd

An unapologetic nerd—definitely more Browncoat than Jedi—Chris built a solid career around bridging the gap between idea and technology. Having spent over ten years devoted to exploring the creative side of the web, he finally rebelled and joined the ranks of developers supporting the semantic side.

Now, as a dedicated senior web developer, he finds as much satisfaction in well-structured markup as he does with efficient source-code. If Javascript and PHP were official languages, syntax was dialect, and frameworks were culture, he would be fluent in multiple, accustomed to their nuance, and well-versed in to their practices.

When not writing code, or losing his voice after cheering for his kid’s hockey team, Chris writes fiction—Scifi and Fantasy—or at least tries his very best.

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Pooja Tole

Digital Marketing Specialist, Data Hound

Research and design enthusiast, Pooja is a digital marketing professional & a polyglot. From India to Victoria, through Montpellier & Seoul, Pooja has worked in various industries, perfecting fields of expertise such as social media marketing, newsletters, and email marketing.

When she’s not creating digital marketing solutions, you’ll probably find Pooja around dogs, on a forest trail or travelling & exploring new places & cultures.

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Jared Larsen

Marketing & Content Specialist, Engagement Driver

As a creative storyteller with a keen eye for detail, Jared knows how to engage an audience to deliver results. His wealth of experience across the tourism industry, not-for-profit, political, and governmental organizations bring a unique lens to his creative content. Jared’s out-of-the-box thinking and strategic mindset has helped organizations grow their online communities, reimagine brand identities, and even lead a candidate to become mayor. With a deep passion for travel and tourism, Jared is thrilled to create inspiring content with The Web Advisor’s Team.

After work, you’ll find him exploring the local food and music scene. Often finding great inspiration from the golf course, Jared takes every opportunity to hit the links.

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Samantha Tyrrell

Content Producer, Creative Connoisseur

An avid explorer and design enthusiast, Samantha does not shy away from challenges and new experiences. As a fourth-year business student attending Camosun College, she has been able to dive headfirst into the marketing world and spice it up with her passion for creative design. Sam previously worked in social media coordination, content creation, and digital design and is delighted to jump into a similar role with The Web Advisor’s Team.

When she is not hard at work coming up with new collaborative ideas, she is likely out snapping some new memories or enjoying the surf of the Pacific North West.

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Stephanie Tambellini


Graphic Designer, Brand Genius

As the principal of Tambellini Design Studio Inc., Stephanie brings over 20 years creative experience to The Web Advisors team including: graphic design, brand creation, website design, market research, program management and production. Steph’s success is rooted in her ability to really listen to and understand our clients’ marketing needs, then translate those needs into beautiful, effective design.

Steph is always excited to take on new projects, and enjoys building long term business relationships that allow her to be a part of an organization’s growth over the years. She uses her experience in market research and training to enhance her designs and positively thrives on finding solutions to difficult challenges and exceeding expectations in the process. She gets particularly excited when asked to create a new brand, but is equally thrilled to communicate a client’s existing brand.

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