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For every $1 spent on email marketing, the average return is $44.25. (According to stats by Email marketing is alive and well and, used properly, can be an incredibly powerful tool as part of your overall marketing strategy. Of course, “used properly” is key. Which is where our experience and expertise comes in.

Knowing your database and delivering custom, relevant, quality content is key to delivering value and ultimately sales conversion. The Web Advisors’ Email Marketing Plans include:

  1. Email Marketing best practices
  2. Pros and cons of various email marketing services
  3. Email Marketing metrics
  4. Data acquisition and retention strategies
  5. An editorial content calendar for your email campaigns
  6. Exceptional content generation
  7. Email Marketing template design

The Web Advisors perform email marketing services for our clients on a weekly basis. We know what works and how much value it can add to your business. It would be our pleasure to submit a proposal for delivering value to your customers, whether it’s setting up new email marketing templates, analyzing your current segments and automation, or launching a successful email campaign.

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