Marketing Plan Reviews

Ensure You Are On The Mark!

You’ve set your goals and objectives, identified your target audiences and drafted your marketing plan for the forthcoming year.  The Web Advisors’ offer a second set of eyes to ensure you are on the mark toward achieving your marketing goals.

Often marketers will try to utilize every tool in a marketer’s tool box, or to use our orchestra analogy, every instrument as well as vocalists.  Often, this is not the best strategy with limited marketing resources; and a more honed rifle approach as opposed to a shotgun far more effective.  Again, to use our orchestra analogy…  often a well practiced and refined “quartet” with a variety of music (content generation), will outperform an entire ill practiced orchestra in today’s content marketing game!

Consultation and recommendations are provided for the following Marketing Plan components:

  • Situational Analysis
  • Goals and Objectives
  • Target Audiences
  • Marketing Strategy and Tactics
  • Marketing Budget Allocations
  • Opportunity Identification

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