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The Web Advisors have results-proven experience in social media management, managing an extensive set of social media channels such as; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Pinterest. We make your social media platforms sing using relevant administrative tools designed to encourage social interaction throughout your social profiles:

  1. Channel Setup
    The key to any social media channel presence is to ensure your brand is appropriately presented when viewers encounter your brand page, especially for the first time. The Web Advisors will ensure your profile photo, company description, channel header / background images are “on-brand” and speak to your fans. Custom URLs will be developed so your business stands out.
  2. Social Management
    Frequent, relevant and engaging content are key components to social media success. One of the biggest challenges many organizations face when dealing with social media is finding the time to do it. The Web Advisors will be your expert community manager of your preferred social channels. We will act as your brand’s voice, curating engaging imagery and content, providing messaging consistent with your overall marketing strategy, delivering contests, building your social following, providing daily maintenance, ensuring your business is professionally represented at all times and reporting our efforts in a concise monthly report. 

Like other primary marketing channels, it is important to tell your story to your current and potential clients. There is however a major difference with social media: your fans and followers demand engagement and you must be prepared and armed to deliver that. Our expertise in doing just that ensures your platforms never turn anti-social!

We can tailor a social media package – ranging from full management to daily maintenance – to suit your organization’s needs.

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