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What is happening right now on your website is key to your success.

Here’s why website usability is so important:

Imagine you are a restaurant. You have spent countless hours and dollars bringing customers through the door. Now add on the hours and dollars spent training your staff to greet, seat and serve these new customers you’ve worked so hard to get. Finally you take their food order, then have the kitchen staff prepare the food (more hours and dollars on training). So far so good right? Only now you let the food sit in the kitchen and by the time the server delivers it to your new, hard-won customer, it is cold. All of that time, energy and money you put into bringing the customer in, waiting on them and cooking their food has been jeopardized.

Don’t let your website be the proverbial cold plate of designer food. Pretty to look at but, once you dig in, frustratingly non-user-friendly.

When you think about usability, think about it being an integral part of the conversion process. You worked hard to get the visitor to your website, you worked hard to sell them on a great idea or product, now don’t drop the ball with poorly thought out navigation, broken links or difficult to use e-commerce solutions.

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