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What is SEO? That depends on who you ask.

Let’s start with what it stands for: Search Engine Optimization. As for what it is, we’ll have to delve a little deeper. Industry professionals have a hard time agreeing on an exact definition of SEO. That said, it is commonly understood to be tactics employed to increase the organic (read: not paid for) presence of a website in search engines. Translation: the things clever internetty-type people do to make sure your website pops up in position one on page one of Google for example.

SEO for Golf Vancouver Island

Historically speaking, this required adjusting a few things on the website itself around chosen keywords and phrases and voila! You rose to the top of the ranking pile. Those were the days.

Nowadays, achieving position one on page one for key phrases involves much more than keyword optimized meta tags and good copy. SEO is a combination of technical sciences in optimizing your website to make sure internet bots can read and understand what you are telling the world; ensuring your off-site mentions, links, and information match that; and, finally, the softer side of SEO – ensuring you have valuable content for your readers, and producing that in an ongoing fashion.

Search Engine Optimization needs to be an ongoing tactic in your marketing toolkit. All businesses with an online presence (i.e. website) would benefit by ensuring their setup is technically correct and by having a great strategy in place for future updates.

Do you want to find out more about how your business is ranking in Google and the possible solutions to improve on that ranking? We can help you.

Is it time for an SEO Audit?

Sometimes you just need to know where you are relative to your competition. Like a tune up for your car, regular assessment of your current online presence is a good preventative measure.

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