Onsite Technical Optimization

We Go Behind the Scenes To Make You Look Good

You have a website. It looks great. But is it really working the way it should be? Onsite technical involves checking the bones and structure of your website to see how easy it is for search engines to crawl and determine the nature of the information on each page.

Come again? Okay, let’s talk in car terms. Just because your car looks pretty, doesn’t mean it’s not about to fall apart. Think of us as mechanics: we’re underneath the chassis, tightening nuts and bolts, greasing axles and wheel bearings, and making the engine purr. The nuts and bolts of your website being your meta data: site speed, image optimization for quick loading, alt tags, keyword density, internal linking, appropriate content… Our onsite technical services ensure that all this meta information is structured in a way that search engines can quickly determine the page content.

What this means is that we are experts in structuring your website information in a way that a robot can read it, but ensuring it’s still readable by the people the robot delivers it to.

Yes, it’s technical. But that’s why you’ve got our help.

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