Social Media Advertising

Get Savvy With Paid Social Campaigns & Pay to Play

Social Media Ads

Social media advertising is an effective way to get consumers to engage with your message in a thoughtful and organic way and is quickly becoming an increasingly powerful player in the online advertising and marketing game.

It boasts advanced targeting options – allowing you to reach exactly the right consumer in a place they love to play; good (and mostly free) tracking – allowing you to see the effectiveness of your campaign in real time; and it is best positioned to take advantage of the increasing dominance of mobile in the online space. Plus, with organic reach no longer being what it used to be, experts (including ourselves) are predicting an increasing trend in paid social campaigns.

Much like social media itself however, it is a case of so many platforms, so many strategies, so little time. Each platform has its own best practices, designs, strategies, tools and rules to play by. We know them all like the backs of our hands, and have proudly been selected to be a part of the Facebook Marketing Experts Program, available only to select advertisers.

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