Website Check-Up

How's your Website's Health?

Self Check

Website Conversions

Is the site achieving your goals?

Ask yourself these questions

  • How visible is your primary call-to-action? (usually book now)
  • How visible is your secondary call-to-actions? (Weddings, Event Rentals)
  • Is your call-to-action on every page or main navigation bar or header or footer?
  • Is your phone number and “contact us” information visible?

User Experience

How easy is your site for users to navigate?

Ask yourself these questions:

  • How easy is the navigation? Can the user find everything they are looking for?
  • Can they navigate using the menu bar – with obvious headings?
  • Are their pictures of course, clubhouse?
  • Are your course hours visible or easy to find?

Responsive Test

Does your website respond on mobile?

Load your website on your phone and check:

  • Does the site resize to fit on your phone or is it simply a small version of your desktop site?
  • Does your menu bar resize?
  • Do all your images resize to fit mobile?
  • Can you easily navigate the site?

Speed Test

Does your website load quickly? This is an important aspect of SEO.

Here is a list of free websites to check the speed of your site:

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Is it time for a New Website?

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