127 Things You Didn’t Know About Video Marketing

AKA: 127 reasons why you should add video to your marketing tools

In case you hadn’t heard, video marketing is possibly the most important tool in your box of marketing tricks right now. Why? Well, if you weren’t already convinced by the facts and figures we gave you in a previous blog post, these “127 facts you probably didn’t know about video marketing” – from Social Media Manager, CRO Geek and Portland’s Coolest Mom Megan Arevalo – should give you a few clues. 127 of them actually.

Facts About Social Media & Video

Of course, putting your mug on camera can be scary. Video isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. But it’s so worth adding to your bag of marketing tools and tricks. The Web Advisors have made it easier for even the most camera-shy marketer to get in on the game: watch our ‘Top 5 Web Advisor Tips on How to Rock Video’.

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