Building Marketing Into Your Daily Tasks

Keep your marketing plan going with these tips

Marketing plan implementationYou’ve reviewed your marketing plan, revised your online marketing strategy, organized your Analytics, set up goals to track your success, it is all starting to come together.  Now comes the tricky bit.  Who is going to action all of those great tactics?  Who is going to create your content, actively implement your social media strategy and monitor your channels?

The best laid plans only work if they are put to work.  Here are a couple of quick ideas on getting things done.

1.  Build marketing into your daily routine.  Set a time each day to complete at least one marketing task.  Do you blog on Tuesdays?  Are you active on social media everyday? Schedule it into your day.

2. Use tools to aid in efficiency.  Hubspot has a great post about this.  Take a look as see if any of these tools might work for you.

3. Delegate.  That was easy right?  Okay, not so easy but it will be part of your implementation plan.   In a small business where everyone wears more than one hat, picking  your marketing team might be easy.  What you want to be careful of is giving the reigns to someone who might know how to use the tools, but may not have the language or understanding to represent your organization.  Just because your front desk person is a whiz at Twitter, doesn’t mean they should be the voice of your organization.

If you set aside a little time every day to either a) implement a tactic on your list, b) find or learn how to use a new time saving marketing tool or c) follow up on a task you have delegated out, you will find that your marketing plan will begin to take shape.  It is like pushing a wheel. The initial energy required is larger than what it takes to keep it going once it is rolling.

Good luck!  We’re here to help if you need it.  Give is a call 250-598-8601.


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