Review Your Marketing Plan

Is your marketing plan as effective as it could be?

Marketing Plan ReviewThere is never a better time to review your marketing plan than right now.  If it is all in order, great!  You’re set to go.  If there need to be some adjustments, let’s get started.   A solid marketing plan helps you chart your way forward in the new year.

Let’s start with a review.

1.  How does your brand present?  Do you have all of the tools that you need to market yourself?  Logo, website, letterhead, signature?  Make sure that you are putting your best foot forward.

2.  Review your market.   Is your ideal customer still the same as the one you identified last year or did sales reflect something else?  If your target customer is not correctly identified, you probably are not in the right niche.  The internet has made the entire world your customer base.  Find your  niche and stay focused.

3. Check out your competition.  Is it still the same old group from last year or are there some new kids on the block?   What are they doing that you are not?  What are they doing better than you? What are you doing better than them?  Identify the successful strategies they are employing and consider implementing them as well.  Would they work for you too?

4. Assess your marketing strategies.  Did the TV ads you ran over summer work last year?  Did the SEO campaign you initiated show positive results?  Which of the campaigns you ran were successful?  Ensure that you are tracking each campaign individually to see which one has the best return on investment.  See our post on Setting Marketing Goals in Google Analytics if you need more information.

5. Track, Analyze, Repeat.  Evaluate the success of your initiatives regularly.  As you launch your campaigns,  monitor the results.  Was the campaign a success but the follow through a failure?  Review each step of the process and refine as you go.

Investing time now to ensure that your marketing plan is up to date and targeted will position you to succeed this year.  Let us know if you have any questions.  Give us a call. We’re happy to help!   250-598-8601


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