The New Road of Social Media

New and innovative social media platforms

Socail Media takes a new directionWith the emergence of so many new and innovative Social Media platforms,  they’ve naturally had to find their own niche.  Some newcomers on the scene such as Pinterest, are used to collect images the user finds interesting.  Instagram is oftne used to share pictures with a like-minded community,  and is used to catch up on sports news, latest videos and product reviews that actually interest the user.  You’ll notice something all these sites have in common; they allow the user to pick what they are interested in!

So what can you gain from this new type of community oriented, consumer interest based Social Media?  Now we can not only see what type of consumers like our products but also what other products they like, what makes them laugh, what tugs at their heart strings and what products they want to buy!  Terrific insights that can be used as an inspiration for new marketing avenues.

For example if I’m marketing for a hotel and I see that someone on Pinterest has repined a flyer for a concert happening down the street from my hotel under the board “Summer 2013 Bucket List”,  I can follow that person’s pin boards to see what other things they like.  This gives me an inside view on the lifestyles that some of the people going to the concert have.   I can then take this information and create a hotel promotion around what this pinner and the other pinners of this event like to further entice them to stay at my hotel for the concert.   This now allows my company to target a potential consumer with things that  interest them and gain a stronger relevant customer base.  Social Media is constantly changing, and I can’t wait to see what’s coming down the road.


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