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Social Media Camp

Social Media Camp Infographic

The Web Advisors recently attended one of the largest social media gatherings: the 2013 Social Media Camp held in Victoria. We were there to brush up on the latest happenings in the social spaces, make new connections and above all, be social – isn’t that what  it’s all about? We pride ourselves on offering our… Read more »

To QR or Not to QR?

QR codes, the darling of the marketing world. More and more organizations are incorporating these little black and white (or custom) beauties into their advertising in the hopes of luring potential customers to their latest contest or special. The million dollar (is that enough anymore?) question is, do QR codes work?  I think that depends on who you… Read more »

Twitter Tips

Twitter Header Image

The news is out: Twitter has released new functionality that allows you to create a new header image.  It’s a pretty straightforward update to make and has great branding potential. Chris Burdge at bWest interactive wrote a great blog post with step by step instructions.  It’s not rocket science and definitely worth the few minutes… Read more »

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