The Web Advisors by the Numbers

Here's what we got up to in 2020...

As a boutique marketing agency, sometimes people may think we are too small, don’t have the expertise, or the capacity to get much done…but OH BOY! When we compiled some of the things we’ve accomplished and places we’ve gone this past year, even with COVID-19 limiting some of our operations, we’ve still put in some impressive numbers! Here is what we’ve been up to in the past year…

Email Marketing Campaigns Sent = 100

That’s right, one hundred individual marketing campaigns were sent through our office in the past 365 days on behalf of our clients! If that sounds like a lot (it is), consider also that those 100 email marketing campaigns created 569,696 individual emails.

In case you’re the type that finds these details interesting…69 campaigns were sent through Mailchimp, 17 through GetResponse, and 13 through Constant Contact and one through Guestfolio.

TWA by the number content marketingBlogs Written = 97

Content is king – it connects with your audience, proves your company’s value and shows off your knowledge, encourages repeat visitors and can help convert. Hey, you’re here reading this right now, right? Everyone on The Web Advisors’ team can write (although some do so much more than others) and put together an impressive 97 blogs over the past year, talking about everything from tourism and golf to self-storage and used cars.

How many words does that equate to? We didn’t spend time counting, but an average of 600 words each equals about 58,200 words!

Google AMP Stories (AKA Web Stories) = 58

Odds are you’ve seen many of these Google Accelerated Mobile Platform (AMP) stories, now referred to as Web Stories on Google, without even knowing what they are. Using a specific platform developed by Crowdriff in partnership with HelloBC, the 58 stories created this year by our content team not only appear on Google, but are also shared on HelloBC’s tourism network to partner websites and on social media platforms including Facebook and Instagram.

Photography and Video = Too Much to Count

TWA by the numbers social media marketingSocial Media Posts = 3651

Wow!! It’s impressive that we have time to do anything else (but we do)! That equates to an average of over 10 posts per day or 70 per week. With a myriad of social media communities to manage on behalf of a range of clients, we’re on deck to help connect with a total of 55,309 followers, and that number grows daily.

TWA by the numbersDigital Marketing Spend = $656,000

That’s right, nearly a half-million was deployed for our clients in the form of digital ads, including Google Search, Google Display, and Facebook/ Instagram Ads. And 2020 was a down year with months lost amidst travel restrictions. You should see these numbers in a normal year, and the KPI’s that accompany them as our digital advertising team continually hits it out of the park!

Google Ad Grants Spend = $175,000

If you run a non-profit and haven’t looked into Google Ad Grants yet, you should! With the help of our expert digital marketers, several non-profits in British Columbia applied for and received over $175K in equivalent ad spend on Google Search! Just imagine what your non-profit could do with some free Google advertising each and every month…

Television Viewers Reached: 8.4 Million

You read that right, over 8 million viewers reached over the airwaves in 2020. Complementing digital advertising with targeted television ads helped to bring awareness to our client’s brands and offerings, to facilitate their comprehensive media marketing strategies.

TWA by the numbers meetingsMeetings, Meetings, Meetings!

While it would take days to count the number of meetings attended over the course of the past year, whether in person or via Zoom, our fearless leaders facilitated a total of 22 board meetings and annual general meetings, and attended a number of industry conferences. Not to mention all the staff and client meetings, 2020 was certainly the year of Zoom!

TWA by the numbers flightsKilometres Flown = 17,844

Even with most in-person meetings and conferences cancelled from March and beyond this year, our team racked up an impressive 22 flights for a total of 17,844 kilometres flown. That’s a lot of safety demonstrations, we probably know the spiel by heart now and have packing our carry-on luggage down to a science.

This is just a taste of what The Web Advisors got up to over the past year – there’s so much more! We placed and created print ads, designed, developed, and launched websites, helped clients improve their search engine rankings, refreshed website content, managed digital assets, created marketing strategies, we could go on and on…and of course still had time for team meetings, professional development, and spending quality time with our families!

Here’s to posting more impressive numbers for 2021!

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