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Create Amazing Videos For Your Small Business

There is no hotter ticket item these days in the world of digital marketing than video. Once thought of as a luxury, video is now a defined budget line item for many businesses. This comes as no surprise as the cost has come down, and the convenience of creating videos has improved significantly over the years. Many website builders can easily incorporate some form of… Read more »

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10 Tourism Marketing Tips for Small Business for Under $5000 A Year

We’re fortunate to specialize in tourism marketing across various sectors, from golf courses to hotels, tour operators and many other small businesses. Through no fault of their own, we notice that tourism businesses can be so focused on providing a remarkable experience for their patrons that marketing efforts can fall to the wayside. But it doesn’t have to be that way. We’ve assembled several small-budget… Read more »

Big Data

Reaping Big Marketing Rewards from Big Data

For some time now, data has been dominating the internet industry as its star-child. That’s not going to change anytime soon. Here’s why you should care and what you can do to make the most of it. The obsession we have with being connected to WiFi – at all times, no matter where we are, what we’re doing, or who we’re with – has created… Read more »

CASL Update 2017

CASL Update 2017

Nobody likes spam. Of the canned mystery meat variety or of the email variety that lands up in your inbox unasked for. Which is why many celebrated the July 2014 Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation ruling, a law generally prohibiting individuals and businesses from sending commercial email to Canadians without their consent. But for small businesses and nonprofits it was also a cause for some consternation and… Read more »

Destination BC Wild Within Tourism Strategy

Destination BC’s Wild Strategy is a Hit!

Destination BC is determined to inspire and they have done just that!  Starting first with the launch of their new corporate strategy to hundreds of engaged Tourism Industry professionals at the TIA-BC Conference in Vancouver, and then to thousands as they simultaneously rolled out their revitalized brand across social media and traditional channels, and onward to millions as Destination BC invites the World to Discover the… Read more »

Destination BC Hard at Work on New Tourism Strategy

New Tourism Strategy Forthcoming for British Columbia!

There is a new provincial tourism strategy in the works for British Columbia to be revealed on November 4th at the TIABC Conference.  Destination British Columbia’s CEO Marsha Walden took over the helm a year ago, bringing with her a fresh perspective and the freedom to make some changes. At first blush, the future looks seemingly bright with 5% growth forecast for tourism globally for… Read more »

Top 10 FAQ's about CASL

Top 10 FAQ’s about CASL

With July 1st approaching, there is much buzz about CASL.  Why July 1st and what is CASL you ask?  Here are our Top 10 FAQ’s about CASL, garnered through reading  the legislation, media reports, and acquiring our own legal consultation – UPDATED July 27th. Please note where recommendations are included, it is our marketing advice, not legal advice as we are not lawyers. Q1.  What… Read more »

Here we Google again… now Google My Business

Here we go(oogle) again… Google Places for Business is now Google My Business.  Just when you thought you were getting the hang of all things Google for your business…  Google Places, Google+ Pages, Google Analytics, YouTube, Gmail, Google Webmaster Tools and perhaps Google Adwords or Google Apps…  in true Google fashion, along comes another interface – Google My Business.  Our first reaction… GOOOOGLE!!! Well that… Read more »

Loving What We Do Translates To Great Work!

Today is the first day of the rest of our lives…  and coincidentally Chinese New Years, and the start of a new lunar calendar with a super moon. New beginnings bring reflection and goals.  In reflecting on our three year journey as The Web Advisors,  it is clear to me that truly loving what we do translates to great work! We are passionate about marketing, tourism, golf,… Read more »

Google Yourself - Manage your online reputation

Google Yourself – Your Online Reputation

Have you ever wondered what other people find when they look for you?  This week is all about managing your online reputation and brand. Let’s start with Google. Search your business the way a potential client might.  Search your name,  your activities and don’t go easy or be kind.  Be demanding.  List the top things you would like to change.  Now do the same for your… Read more »

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