Google AdWords Callout Extensions Released

Extra features for Google Adwords Now Available

Making your business’s digital ad standout in a sea of competitors can be a challenge so it’s useful to use every trick in the book to present your offer and the valuable services or products you provide. Google AdWords Callout Extensions have just been released as new feature to their library of ad extensions that will help you do just that.

Google Adwords callout extensionsCallout Extensions allow you to add additional text to your Google Adwords Search ads, highlighting specific details about the services or products you offer. Features like Free Shipping, Price Matching, or Home Delivery can all be shown below your ad copy without requiring additional links. Used in combination with other Extension features like Sitelinks or Call Extensions and your ad copy can start to speak to individual offers in much more detail.

The Benefits of Google Adwords Callout Extensions

As with other ad extensions, adding relevant extensions like Sitelinks or Callouts goes toward improving your Ad Rank. For those unfamiliar, Ad Rank is the delivery calculation Google AdWords uses which takes into consideration your max CPC bid, your Quality Score and as of fall 2013, Ad Extensions. See Google’s post on how you can improve your Ad Rank for more information.

Creating Your Callout

Managing Callout Extensions can be found in the Ad extensions tab in your Google AdWords account. Callouts can be added at account, campaign or ad group levels so you can deliver callouts on a global or granular scale.

Like many other extensions, callouts have a 25 character limit, however you can show up to four callouts with you ad.

Need Help Setting Up Your AdWords Extensions?

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