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New marketing ideas that work

Google and Kitkat? Who’d have thought? Talk about new marketing ideas!

When Google decided to name its new OS platform after the Nestle’s four fingered treat, KitKat, more than one marketing mouth dropped. This takes ‘thinking out of the box’ to new marketing levels! London-based JWT, Kitkat’s marketing agency, came up with this clever product launch spoofing the tech industry with their “Future of Confectionary”.

What stands out to me here is not the video – although I think it’s terrific with a great concept – but rather it’s the overall “Huh?” of the original association. It is downright unnatural and yet it might just be incredibly successful. This partnership takes a traditionally geeky product and makes it yummy. The reversal being true for Nestle where KitKats are now the late night geek snack of choice.

Have they created a synergy where none existed before? Is this another major shift in the way marketing is changing? Give us your thoughts.

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