Google+ Updates Hangouts and Photos

18 Google+ updates - but how much value will they add?

Updates to the Up and Comer

Considered by some as the social network that just can’t seem to get it, yet which has all the power behind it, Google rolled out a number of new Google+ updates and enhancements recently, 18 to be specific, including SMS updates as well as geo-location and animated GIFs into the Google+ ecosystem. These Google updates seem like a good change.

Google+ updates Hangouts, Photos and MoreWith a reported 540 million people active across Google each month, Google spokesperson Vic Gundotra stated that the Google+ community is growing faster than they ever could have imagined and the updates are their way of saying “thank you”. While the numbers of people joining G+ may be astounding, it does appear people are slower to embrace the network as a daily engagement location. At least this is what we are seeing with some of the channels we manage.

Hangout in HD

Video Hangouts received a number of updates and are now available in full HD on mobile and desktop as well as ability to schedule Hangouts On Air then promote them with a dedicated watch page. A great new automatic feature is the webcam lighting adjustments that occur in real time. Users can also choose to chat in black and white, or blur out the background using the “Spotlight” feature – ensuring they are the sole focus of the conversation.

Photos on Google+ get even better.

The big G+ will allow full size backups and background sync for iOS app (feature coming soon) and will also allow you to search your photos by some auto-recognition software so all those beach shots you took in Mexico are easily accessible by typing in “Beach”.

Auto Awesome Video

Now this is where the real computing power comes together to make something special for G+ users. The release of a service call Auto Awesome Video will automatically convert a user’s photos and video clips into a short movie, with accompanying sound track. Google+ will automatically filter your selected photos and choose the most interesting, highest quality images and video to create your video. It will be very interesting to see what G+ determines as “the best” clips. The good part is, as a user, you can override and edit the video to your choosing.

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