What’s the Next Big Thing in Marketing?

You won't believe what it is...

Cat videos. That’s right. Cat videos are the next big thing in marketing. If you don’t have any planned for your 2016 Marketing Plan, you better think again. #marketingstrategy #justkidding

Just kidding, everyone: a mere bit of Friday Fun to inspire you to new heights in marketing next week. That said, in 2014 there were around 2 million cat videos on YouTube, which attracted an impressive 24.6 billion views between them… (reelseo.com)

Seriously though, 2016 is looming; it is time to start thinking ahead. And while we can’t promise you any cat videos, we can promise you we’ll help you reach your marketing goals next year with a well thought-out, multi-pronged online marketing strategy which will leave everyone purring.

Need help with your cat, or less feline focused videos? Just meow… we’ll hear you.

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