Four Thanksgiving Marketing Tips

Happy Thanksgiving Marketing!

Social media never sleeps. Not even on a belly-full of tryptophan-laden, sleep-inducing turkey. Which is why most brands will send out at least one Tweet or Facebeep to mark holidays like Thanksgiving. But how do you make your Thanksgiving message to the masses stand out from, well, the masses? Here, four Thanksgiving Marketing Tips – no thanks necessary.

  1. Keep it simple.
  2. Keep it consumer-focused. (In other words, lose any overt brand tie-in you may be tempted to put in there and, for goodness sake, this is not a time for selling!)
  3. Keep it interesting.
  4. Keep it real.

Like this rather clever Tweet (it really ought to be called a ‘gobble’ on Thanksgiving, don’t you think?) that RBC sent out last year.

Meanwhile, Happy Thanksgiving everyone! We wish you so much to be thankful for in the coming year – including a successful Thanksgiving marketing campaign.

PS. Did you know that a group of domesticated turkeys – which is what your tabletop bird once was – is called a ‘rafter’, as opposed to a ‘flock’ of wild turkeys? Now you do.

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