Google goes down, worldwide traffic plummets, what next?

How will your business fare if the internet dies?

So you’re probably wondering what would happen to your marketing strategy if the internet went down? Well, on Friday, August 16th at approximately 4:37pm Pacific Time, the world had a glimpse when all of Google’s services went down between 1-4 minutes.

Worldwide Internet Traffic drops 40%

The temporary blackout affected Google Search, Gmail, YouTube, Google Drive and many other services. The world is so connected using Google services, that reports telling of worldwide internet traffic dropping up to 40% for those few minutes abound.

Google Services affected by outage on August 16, 2013
Google Services affected by outage on August 16, 2013

So what does this mean for the savvy internet marketer out there? You’ve spent time, energy and financial resources to ensure your marketing strategy includes Google as it is the main player out there. We believe in the power of Google, but blips like this make us pause and consider the alternatives.

Even if Google was able to restore their services in a matter of minutes, what would happen if Google goes down for a day, a week or forever? Do you have an emergency plan in place? Are you digitally diversified?

Please share your Google thoughts below.

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