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Rule the Pay Per Click Roost with Google Adbirds

Google upped the digital advertising ante once again with the release of their loftiest pay per click advertising platform to date – Google Adbirds.   We were really hoping that the Eagle would soar with huge Click Thru Rates however initial campaigns delivered on Google Adbirds ended up in a pile on yesterday’s newspaper. Thanks for the humour Google. I often wonder how many Googlers… Read more »

Twitter Ads For Small Business

Twitter For Small Business

  When you mention social media, Twitter often comes to mind. Twitter is the 140 character messaging channel with over 240 million active monthly users that allows users to follow, mention and engage with your brand. We think it is a great tool to listen to your customers and find new ones. There have been hundreds of opinion posts about how to best use Twitter…. Read more »

Why PR Should Be Part Of Your SEO Strategy

PR and SEO can be the best of friends. Here’s how and why! When many think about Public Relations, the first thing that comes to mind is the press release. While this is a tried, tested and often effective public relations tactic, it has been abused by so many as part of link building schemes that in the long run it may not be the… Read more »

Get Your Email Marketing In Shape

So you’re recovering from the gluttonous holidays where you maybe imbibed in a few too many beverages, lots of incredible food and now you’re thinking about that New Year’s resolution you just made to yourself about getting in shape? This is the perfect opportunity to apply that same resolution to your business marketing efforts, starting with getting your email marketing in shape. Use the Right… Read more »

Pinterest Adds Place Pins

Are You A Pinner With A Penchant For Travel? If you’re a fan of the photo sharing network Pinterest, and you have ever posted images of destinations on your bucket list or those incredible places you’ve been to (there about 750 million of such photos), then the recent addition of Pinterest Place Pins will be a very exciting one for you. Online photo sharing website Pinterest recently… Read more »

Google+ Updates Hangouts and Photos

Updates to the Up and Comer Considered by some as the social network that just can’t seem to get it, yet which has all the power behind it, Google rolled out a number of new Google+ updates and enhancements recently, 18 to be specific, including SMS updates as well as geo-location and animated GIFs into the Google+ ecosystem. These Google updates seem like a good change…. Read more »

Facebook Changes Promotions Terms – Third Party Apps No Longer Required

Facebook changes promotions to make it easier to create and administer contests and promotions without requiring the use of third party apps. This is big news for small business on Facebook as there are now a few additional ways to collect contest entries. As outlined on the Facebook for Business blog, promotions can be administered on Page Timelines and in apps on Facebook. There are… Read more »

Google Yourself - Manage your online reputation

Google goes down, worldwide traffic plummets, what next?

So you’re probably wondering what would happen to your marketing strategy if the internet went down? Well, on Friday, August 16th at approximately 4:37pm Pacific Time, the world had a glimpse when all of Google’s services went down between 1-4 minutes. Worldwide Internet Traffic drops 40% The temporary blackout affected Google Search, Gmail, YouTube, Google Drive and many other services. The world is so connected… Read more »

Write Better Emails, Social Media Posts and Web Content

With so many channels and ways to talk to your brand fans & customers, it can get confusing as to the best practice on how to write better emails or communicate on your different channels. Fortunately, the good people at Vertical Response, who we work with extensively for our email marketing services, have created a catch-all Copywriting Cheat Sheet infographic to help break down the… Read more »

Email Marketing Strategy – Tips To Drive Engagement

It’s summer. The weather is hot, the beach is calling – yet as a dedicated marketer, you are at your desk, toiling away to get website traffic up, drive leads and convert those leads to sales while your potential customers are out enjoying that summer vacation (or at least dreaming about it). We caught this post from our friends at iContact about how to shape… Read more »

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