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How we sold $148,00 in 60 hours using email marketing

How We Sold $148,000 in 60 Hours Using Email Marketing

Last week we made $148,000 for a client. In 60 hours. Selling one product. Using only email marketing. We’ve said it once. We’ll say it again. Email marketing is an essential tool in your small business marketing arsenal. Email marketing is as powerful today as it was 42 years ago when, in 1978, Gary Thuerk, a Marketing Manager at Digital Equipment Corp, sent an email… Read more »

Text Message Ads

New Message Extensions for Google AdWords

We love a good ad extension. And the newest from Google AdWords is a particularly great option for mobile ppc advertising – another thing we love. Say hello – or text hello as the case may be – to AdWords Message Extensions. According to Google Consumer Surveys, US, Canada, UK, Australia October 2016, nearly two thirds of smartphone owners use mobile messaging more than five times… Read more »

Google Helps Users Find Mobile Friendly Websites

Mobile friendly websites are important to Google, and your users. More than important, these days mobile friendly websites are non-negotiable! Not only are your current and potential customers visiting your website on mobile devices more than ever before, now Google is telling them if it will be readable on their phones, before they even click thru to your site. Google recently announced they have added a “mobile-friendly” label to… Read more »

Managing Your Online Reputation

The Holy Trinity of Online Reputation Management for Your Tourism Business

Managing the online reputation of your tourism business, or any business for that matter, is of critical importance in today’s digital world. With dozens, if not hundreds of articles by major news sites like Inc. and Forbes talking about  how to keep your online reputation from affecting your bottom line and sharing some of the horror stories of those that didn’t, online reputation management MUST be one of the pillars… Read more »

Top YouTube Travel Video Ads in March

Top YouTube Travel Ads from March 2014

  Want to hear some incredible viewing statistics about YouTube? Every minute of every day, over 100 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube. But that’s not the most incredible stat. These next two will blow your mind.  More than 1 billion unique users visit YouTube each month and over 6 billion hours (that is with a “B”) of video are watched each month on… Read more »

Rule the Pay Per Click Roost with Google Adbirds

Google upped the digital advertising ante once again with the release of their loftiest pay per click advertising platform to date – Google Adbirds.   We were really hoping that the Eagle would soar with hugh Click Thru Rates however initial campaigns delivered on Google Adbirds ended up in a pile on yesterday’s newspaper. Thanks for the humor Google. I often wonder how many Googlers… Read more »

Twitter Ads For Small Business

Twitter For Small Business

  When you mention social media, Twitter often comes to mind. Twitter is the 140 character messaging channel with over 240 million active monthly users that allows users to follow, mention and engage with your brand. We think it is a great tool to listen to your customers and find new ones. There have been hundreds of opinion posts about how to best use Twitter…. Read more »

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