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Social Media Tips for Small Business – Top Tips from Social Media Camp 2017

Much like any ‘Camp’, ‘Social media camp’ conjures up visions of evenings spent chatting around the fire, making friends, roasting marshmallows, dreaming big dreams. The reality isn’t that far off. We sent our resident social media whiz, Ilona Soetemans, to Social Media Camp 2017 and while she reports that the bonfires and marshmallows were missing, it certainly delivered on the new friends, inspiring chats and… Read more »

127 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Video

127 Things You Didn’t Know About Video Marketing

In case you hadn’t heard, video marketing is possibly the most important tool in your box of marketing tricks right now. Why? Well, if you weren’t already convinced by the facts and figures we gave you in a previous blog post, these “127 facts you probably didn’t know about video marketing” – from Social Media Manager, CRO Geek and Portland’s Coolest Mom Megan Arevalo – should… Read more »

Marketing Tips for 2017

Top 6 Online Marketing Tips for 2017

Welcome to our annual round-up of the top marketing tips for 2017. We’re well into the first quarter now and after answering questions from our clients about where to focus this year, we thought we should share some of this information that will continue to be important as the year rolls on. Captain Obvious Does Marketing Why yes, yes we are going to don our Captain… Read more »

The Web Advisors Mobile Friendly Website

Google To Punish Non-Mobile-Friendly Websites

Google is going teacher on us and getting stricter by the day. Their latest ruler-whacking move? The search giant is set to dim the lights on non-mobile-friendly websites. Google – like everyone with half a brain in the online marketing world – understands that more and more people are accessing the beautiful world of the internet from their smart phones. We’ve all seen the stats (according to… Read more »

The Web Advisors

New Website for The Web Advisors

We’re in the business of creating, maintaining and optimizing websites for others – along with everything else it takes to create a stellar marketing strategy. We live and breathe the stuff. Why then are we so excited by the launch of our own new website? Well, it’s like that story about the cobbler’s shoes: we’ve been so busy keeping our clients’ feet shod – and… Read more »

Online Marketing Tips for 2016

5 Online Marketing Tips for 2016

  It would be safe to say January got away from us. We had intended to post our top 5 online marketing tips for 2016 on January 2nd, but, you know, time flies. Still, we do have some great tips we’d like to share with you. Better late than never. Besides, it’s February which is actually the month of sharing the love. So here you… Read more »

Social Media Image Size Cheat Sheet

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet: Social Media Image Sizes

  So, there we were, all set to write a blog post entitled “The ultimate cheat sheet: social media image sizes” when what do you know? We came across the most perfectly crafted infographic doing our job for us. Written by Lindsay Kolowich for the Hubspot Blog (they are clever those Hubspot folks!), with the infographic created by, you will not find a more… Read more »

Marketing to Millennials

5 Truths When Marketing to Millennials

  To know how to go about marketing to Millennials, we first need to know who they are. They are roughly defined as the age group born between 1980 and 2000, so between 15 and 35 years old. (There is some discrepancy in defining the age group, so we’re going with a ballpark figure.) There are 92 million Millennials, compared to 61 million Generation Xers… Read more »

Content Marketing Buzzwords

Content Marketing Buzzwords That Will Make Your Head Explode

  “Blue sky it, people.” “Don’t just go for the low-hanging fruit.” “Think outside the box.” And, for pity’s sake, make sure your “content” is “snackable”! Bleurgh. We’ve come a long way since the days of blue skying and thinking outside the box… or have we? Not so much. As an industry we tend to come up with a lot – and I do mean… Read more »

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