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The Art and Science of Colour: Unraveling the Psychology Behind Marketing

In the intricate landscape of marketing, where every detail crafts a compelling narrative, colour emerges as a silent yet powerful influencer. Beyond mere aesthetics, the psychology of colour delves into the complex tapestry of human emotion, perception, and cultural nuances. Colour in marketing goes beyond visual appeal; it functions as a strategic tool, orchestrating a symphony that can influence consumer behaviour. Colour, chosen thoughtfully, becomes… Read more »

2024 top marketing trends

Marketing in 2024: Unveiling the Top Marketing Trends & Tips

The past year has brought many shifts in the marketing landscape that redefined how brands and organizations connected with audiences. As the New Year approaches, many of 2023’s top marketing trends continue to surge. Let’s delve into the top marketing trends for 2024 and share expert tips to help your business stay ahead of the curve.   Video Dominance: Captivate Audiences with Dynamic Content In… Read more »

Unleashing the Power of Google Ad Grants: A Lifeline for Non-Profit Organizations

In the dynamic world of digital marketing, non-profit organizations face unique challenges in spreading awareness and garnering support for their causes. Whether spreading awareness of your organization, promoting an initiative, or fundraising for projects, Google Ad Grants is a game-changer that has revolutionized how non-profits connect with their audience. Let’s explore what Google Ad Grants are, why they benefit non-profits, and the crucial importance of… Read more »

Online Relationship Management: What is it, and How to Improve your ORM.

Building and maintaining online relationships with customers and stakeholders is paramount for business success in today’s digital environment. Online Relationship Management (ORM) refers to businesses’ strategies and practices to interact, engage, and nurture relationships with their customers through digital channels. From social media platforms to email marketing and online review programs, ORM plays a pivotal role in shaping a brand’s online presence and reputation.  Check… Read more »

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How Localhood Stories are Changing the Game for DMOs

It can be challenging for Marketers and Destination Marketing Organizations to keep up with the never-ending turnover of trends, and let’s face it, this will not be slowing down any time soon. However, one thing that won’t change is the value people are starting to put towards experiences over materialistic acquisitions, and what better way to showcase a beautiful destination or hot spot than through… Read more »

Google Analytics 4

Google Analytics. The Next Generation

Did you finally master Google Analytics? Guess what – the next generation is out, and while it looks similar there are many key differences. Google Analytics 4 (GA4) is the latest version Analytics that launched in October 2020. GA4 is designed to provide more advanced and sophisticated features and insights compared to Universal Analytics (UA). Let’s explore the benefits of using GA4 and the key… Read more »

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Top 10 Marketing Trends for 2023

In an ever-changing marketing landscape, it can feel like mission impossible to keep up, especially with new strategies, social media platforms, and technologies popping up on a regular basis.  While PIVOT [cue Ross Geller voice] is a word we’re all familiar with, staying flexible with marketing tactics can help businesses stay resilient, relevant, and responsive to new opportunities. Our Web Advisors team is here to… Read more »

Workaround for Missing Google Drive Folders in Windows Explorer

Google’s recent changes to replace files and folders with Shortcuts seemed innocuous until it wasn’t. Lo and behold, our team logged on one fine Monday morning and headed to Windows Explorer (which is how most of us navigate the file structure) and *poof* – most of our top-level files were simply not there. It turns out, that unless you are the owner of a top-level… Read more »

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Building the Best Meta Audiences

Formerly known as Facebook Audiences, Meta Audiences consist of a group of people who could potentially see your ads on the Meta network. Have you ever been served a Facebook ad that seemed completely out of the blue? Vampire romance novels, weird skin products, bagpipe playing lessons…or…is that just me? If you’re being served online ads that don’t seem targeted to your interests, it’s usually… Read more »

marketing trends 2022

2022 Marketing Trends

Marketing trends are always changing and the rate of change seems to be accelerating. Whether it is in response to shifting consumer sentiment, technological advances, or the ongoing pandemic, it is more important than ever to be flexible and evolve your marketing efforts to remain at the top of your game. While we would all love it if it was as simple as going “Hey… Read more »

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