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Marketing during a crisis

Reasons to Keep Marketing Efforts Active During a Major Crisis

As the COVID-19 crisis came to a head over the week of March 15th in Canada, one resounding message came through from many clients: Hit the pause button. Pause campaigns, pause social media, pause it all. This response is understandable given so much uncertainty, however, there is an argument why businesses should not hunker down with their heads stuck in the sand and continue marketing… Read more »

The Web Advisors is Here

Our Team is Here for Your Business

These are unprecedented times for all, and during the ongoing COVID-19 situation we want you to know that we are here for you and your business. Our team is as hard-working as ever to meet your marketing needs and collaborate with you to adjust your strategies accordingly on an as-needed basis. While the team might not all be in the same office at the moment,… Read more »

Google Business Marketing

Get Right With Google

What is the difference between a business that comes in the top few results of a Google search, and one that doesn’t? Besides garnering more business through organic search, those that utilize most or all of the Google Suite of tools will find that their listings are displayed more favourably. Your business can have the same advantages, simply by understanding the search engine marketing tools… Read more »

Visual content marketing strategy

Creating Clickable Visual Content

Content, and by extension, content marketing, is evolving at breakneck pace. One major standout in the evolution of content is the use of visual content to brand, market, promote, and develop relationships with viewers. How can you create and use visual content that people remember, share, and click? Let’s delve into the vitals of visual content with stats, tips, and tools to ensure success. Why… Read more »

5 Content Marketing Strategies

5 Content Marketing Strategies for Success

Content marketing should be a key component of your business’s overall marketing strategy – one that communicates your brand, engages viewers, and helps to convert those viewers into customers. So, are you getting the most out of your content marketing strategy? Since you’re here, let’s say you’re looking for improvement, but first, let’s start with why content marketing is important and then delve into some… Read more »

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